Hi, I’m Sophie! The owner and creator of see the way I see. I just recently graduated college which now officially makes me a full-time business owner (never thought I'd say that)! I started an art account on Instagram over six years ago where I would share my art from my perspective, hence the name see the way i see! So when I first began printing and cutting stickers myself, I figured the name was fitting and decided to stick with it (no pun intended).
     As I mentioned, I started out with stickers and have now expanded to apparel which has received an unbelievable amount of support (so much so that I am looking into hiring my fam super soon)! With the sweatshirts I design, I try my best to destigmatize mental health by having reassuring reminders on the sleeves to keep someone moving forward. It’s all about the little things, right? My overall goal is to help anyone who struggles with their mental health, and bring more awareness and normality to the subject that has an unspoken rule to remain private about. Time to change that.
          So why did I create a business surrounding the idea of mental health? I have suffered from chronic migraines since I was around the age of fifteen, getting about fifteen to twenty migraines a month, and didn’t realize for the longest time that it was stemming from severe anxiety. I overthink everything, I can get anxious from the simplest of things, and am just an (emotional) twenty something year old doing my best at life. So when I created this brand I thought about what I wished already existed, resonated with me, and what I would genuinely purchase for myself. Thus creating see the way i see.


Come say hi and follow my journey over on Instagram, TikTok, and now Youtube! @seethewayisee